When a family contacts us they usually have two questions. 

 1. Can you help my child?  Absolutely!

2. How much does your program cost?  We have the privilege to tell them that they have already been sponsored by another family! 

This is my favorite thing about our program…When you sponsor a child you help a family receive our servicesBuilding All Children receives new referrals daily and we need more children sponsored.  For $100.00 you can help a family understand their child’s development, build their child’s development through appropriate recourses, and empower the family to turn to scripture for everyday life situations.

We ARE building

Assess. Resource. Empower.

Sponsoring a child is easy…go to our donate page and donate $100.00.  We are a 501(C)(3) and your donation is deductible.  Your donation will allow us to change a life.  

THANK YOU!  Thank you for supporting our program and allowing us to continue God’s work…

Building All Children…Building All Families…Building The Kingdom!

sponsor a child