Services Provided



Assess– We provide developmental and academic screenings for children.  This allows us to understand how God molded and created the child.  We share our results with the family and help them better understand their child’s development and learning patterns.

Resource– We meet with the family and help them connect with the appropriate resources in the community.  Building All Children has developed a unique follow up process for families.  This process assures the families that they will receive the help they need and desire.


Empower– It is our goal to build all families and empower them with the ability to understand the Bible and how to apply the Truth to every life situation.

We Assess, Resource, and Empower families!

    Building All Children partners with families, churches, schools and communities to provide these specific services.

  • Parenting Support
  • Developmental Resources
  • Family Workshops
  • Developmental Assessments
  • Play Groups
  • Story-n-Truth Time
  • Teacher Workshops
  • Individual Encouragement
  • Community Resources
  • Helping Children Ministry Teams