Building All Children had a booth at the TCC West Campus Family Fun Fair.  We had fun with every child that stopped to play.  We helped the children make slime and they learned how putting a few ingredients together can make a fun sensory mess!
  We had the Best Volunteers!!!     THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS!

    The children put their slime in a container that we provided so the fun could go home!
 Even the little ones made the slime.  The steps it took to make the slime help build many developmental skills!

 It was so fun to see the volunteers pouring into the children and families! 
  It was a great event.  There were many community booths with great activities for the children and information for families.
  Even the moms were enjoying helping their children make slime.:-) Our goal for the event was to spend good quality time with the children and families. It was priceless to see the children realizing that they could make some really cool slime themselves.
We even had cupcakes donated for all our volunteers!  Thank you for the yummy cupcakes!!!

1/2 cup of white Elmers Glue.

1/2 cup of water.

Stir together and add glitter or food coloring.

1/2 cup of liquid starch.  Mix together

The more you mix together, the better it will be!

Building All Children…Building All Families…Building The Kingdom!