Wacky Wednesday

Happy Wacky Wednesday!! Wavie and I (Kristen) have been outside with our animals alot lately! They needed a really good scrubbing. For this fun and helpful activity you need the following items: *tub of warm soapy water (they used a tear free soap)*Scrub Brush*Wash...

Animal Charades!

Welcome to Animal Week! Our friends, The Cole’s have a really fun animal charades game to teach you today! We hope you enjoy acting out these different animals. Like Cooper mentioned, you can play this game so many different ways, it doesn’t have to be...

Spring Cleaning

Welcome to today’s SPRING edition of Movement Monday and #goodafternoonwithBAC Today Melissa has her children helping with some spring outdoor clean up, planting, and turtle fun. All of these activities have great development opportunities! We encourage you to...
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