Happy Wacky Wednesday!! Wavie and I (Kristen) have been outside with our animals alot lately! They needed a really good scrubbing. For this fun and helpful activity you need the following items:

*tub of warm soapy water (they used a tear free soap)
*Scrub Brush
*Wash cloth
*Dirty Animals (or any toy that needs to be cleaned!)

Dump your dirty toys in the warm soapy water and get cleaning!! Make sure to lay a towel down to catch messy water.

As you notice, Wavie walked away from the activity a couple of times. Wavie had already played with this activity for awhile and was ready to move on. Wavie is 21 months old and does not have a long attention span. This is completely normal! Very developmentally appropriate for her age. I don’t expect her to sit for an activity for more than a few minutes before she is ready to move on.

I did leave the activity out for awhile and she came back to it a few more times before I put it away for good.

If you have any questions, please let us know! #goodafternoonwithBAC

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