BUILDing All Readers

BUILDing All Readers

read. write. think.

Our Building Readers program is for children reading below grade level, 1st through 5th grade, who have been recommended by BAC Child Development Specialists.*  Readers meet with tutors twice weekly for six months.  Our reading program uses the Orton Gillingham approach to BUILD each child’s reading skills based on individual needs.  Prayer,  daily homework, and parental involvement are key components of our program.

*Must have completed BAC assessment and family conference to be recommended for Building Readers.


We teach children how to decode words in a systematic way. We provide homework practice with decodable readers that match exactly what the child is learning.  We BUILD confidence, fluency, vocabulary, and joy in the process.


Writing is essential to reading. Building Readers write or encode while they learn to read. We teach finger tapping to sequence sounds, letters, syllables, and sentences in a variety of multi-sensory methods.


Good readers become thinkers. Comprehension is vital to a developing reader. We use a variety of strategies to develop thinking skills.

Pre-Reading Enrichment

Our goal is to enrich children with the tools they need to begin reading.

The Tools:

  • Phonemic Awareness
    • Rhyming, onset fluency, blending, isolating final or medial phonemes, segmenting, adding, deleting, and substituting.
  • Literacy Skills
    • Alphabet knowledge, and language awareness.

We encourage parents/caregivers to read to their children every day. The importance of this is for the child to hear words and language, and to have books be part of their daily life.

Session Information:

    • Six-week session that meets twice per week.
    • Designed for Pre-K and Kindergarten children.
    • 30-minute small group.
    • Chip, our therapy dog also attends Building Readiness sessions.

The two best predictors of early reading success are alphabet recognition and phonemic awareness. (Adams, 1990)

*Must have completed BAC assessment and family conference to be recommended for Building Readers.

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