Research shows that 44% of parents wait a year to receive services for their child after acknowledging their child had a serious problem. We believe parents wait because they don’t know where to go to receive services. Once our assessment process is complete, we work closely with our families to create custom resources and recommendations to guide them to the appropriate services. Building All Children has a unique follow-up program where our staff continues to find or provide the appropriate resources for each child’s specific needs.

We offer a Resource Library within our office that allows families to check out age-appropriate toys/supplies that will help build their child’s development. We want our families to experience progress, and believe that guiding them to the resources they need will help ensure that the child is growing and developing successfully.  During the resource process, our families will receive age-appropriate resources that will help build the child’s overall development.

Resource-Toy Library -These toys/supplies are readily available to check out within our Resource-Toy Library. Please contact our office if you would like to participate in our Resource Library.

External Resources – Community Resources– Building All Children works hard to establish strong community partners. We feel confident in our community referral list which includes; Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Counselors, Play Therapists, Mental Health Behavioral Specialists, Nutritionists, Churches, Private and Public Schools, Homeschooling Programs, State and Federal Resources, and many other Non-profit Programs. We believe in the power of working together as a team and building strong families together.

Internal Resources- BAC Resources: Many times the child does not need therapy or community resources. The family just needs to understand what area their child is falling behind in and how to build development. Building All Children works closely with the child’s family to educate them and teach them how to build development in their home. We also provide these services in our office; working one-on-one with the child and helping the family set goals to achieve success.  

Books-Online ResourcesClick here to go to a list of our favorite websites, books, and resources that we have found helpful and believe could benefit parenting and child development.