It was a full house!   Lots of kiddos and mamas!!!  We had a great time!!!   I loved watching the moms color with their children under the tables.   We put paper under the tables.  This works differet small muscles and prepositional language all at the same time!    The children were a little unsure at first but they ended up enjoying it!!!

Look at that pencil grip!  Woohoo great work!!!   There were lots of creative minds and sharp builders!!!!

Look at how hard she is working!  Building skills through play!!!


 We had several board games and activities to keep the children busy.  Our goal is to always have new social interactions and opportunities to learn!   More under the table art!!!

 We had a great morning…we learned, played, prayed and shared what we were thankful for!!!  


Join us this Monday at our playgroup!   We will be working on our ‘cooperative skills’ through playing board games.   Be ready to play and have fun!!!

If you plan to attend please RSVP at

We can’t wait to see you…

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