St. P Day

Yesterday, I went to my son’s school and while his class was at the library I went into his classroom and made a small mess, hid a pot of gold, and dropped green confetti on each desk.  When I picked him up from school, he told me all about it.  He did say that he didn’t believe a true Leprechaun would come into his class.:)

I was visiting with my girls and my oldest daughter said “do you remember in second grade when we went on a gold rock hunt?” My youngest daughter quickly said “yes, do you remember in second grade when the Leprechaun came to my class and made a mess and left some gold candy?”  I giggled and explained that I did both those activities.  “Whaatt?” They were so surprised that I was the Leprechaun?  I don’t think they ever really believed in the Leprechaun but they had no idea I was the one making the mess and the fun for St. Patrick’s Day.  It made me realize as a mom all the things we do for our children that they don’t even realize.

If you stop and think about the times we make things special for our family, or we go out of our way to serve them and make them feel special, and they have no idea that it was us “their momma” that spent the extra time showering them with love!  Why do we do it?…because we love them and we want the very best for them.

We have a God that loves us and is always doing for us but do we notice, do we realize?  Are we so busy that we don’t notice the little things or even maybe the big things….Am I teaching my children to be grateful for all He is doing in their lives?  How do I teach my children to notice and realize the majestic love He provides?

Is it a waste of my time?  I mean, if they don’t even notice or they have no idea it was me?  Yesterday’s conversation made me realize that it’s not a waste of our time.  It made me realize that it’s the little things I’ve done that has made my children feel special and both my girls thanked me for the St. Patrick Day surprises and that was years ago….

I don’t realize all that The Lord is doing in my life but the more I seek Him and the more I learn about Him the more I realize.  Grateful that I have a God that does the little things for me.:)  Why does He continue to provide for me?  Because He loves me in a way I cannot even understand and I am THANKFUL!

Psalm 136:26 Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever.