When I was a little girl I remember my parents purchasing this table. My mom was so excited! Little did I know that many memories would be made around the table. Growing up my family ate dinner most nights around “the table”, we played cards, board games, painted nails, and I couldn’t even come close to counting the amount of hours I spent studying at the table.

The table has been the place my family eats, plays, and has great conversations. Every home has a table, but do we use it? Are we so busy that we don’t sit around the table? I don’t know about you but our family has specific seating and we sit at the same place every night. The table is so important!

The Bible has 76 verses about ” the table”…there are several verses about Jesus reclining at the table (Mark 14:18, Luke 22:14, Matt 26:20, Mark 14:3, Luke 22:27, Matt 9:10, John 13:23, John 12:2) It’s important for us to slow down and recline at the table and enjoy each other, enjoy the conversations, the company, and the relationships.

This week “the table” had AMAZING things happen! There were three Godly women seated around the table brainstorming Building All Children, Inc. WOW! Unbelievable things were discussed, planned, and prayed about! Incredible things are happening with Building All Children….Children will be built up…families will be encouraged…lives will be changed! We will do, whatever He desires, and wherever He takes us…We will build all children!