The volunteers showed up with rain boots, umbrellas, and rain coats they worked hard and helped prepare for the evening.  For weeks we prayed for beautiful weather, calendars to be cleared, and people to show up!  Boy…Did God answer our prayers!  The rain stopped, the cool weather arrived, and people showed up!

It was a beautiful evening…the children escorted our guest with umbrellas, served dinner and filled drinks.  Something about children serving the adults brings joy to my heart.

The emcee lead us well and our guest speakers did a beautiful job sharing their stories and helping the guests understand Building All Children.  We ARE Building…Assess. Resource. Empower.

The highlight of the night was our 7 year old guest speaker that shared Jimmy Fallon “Thank you notes”.  The entire crowd was laughing at his funny comments and he was AMAZING!

Building All Children would like to say THANK YOU to all our volunteers.  We had 51 volunteers help us with this event and we couldn’t have done it without their support, hard work, and encouragement!

We also want to thank the community for all the amazing donations!  Wow…we couldn’t have done it without your generosity!  Our silent auction was a HUGE hit and the time spent collecting the items for the auction took hours and my heart is grateful!  Thank you silent auction team for your hard work!!!

The S’mores Bar brought the ‘kid fun’ and the volunteers did an excellent job making and serving our guests.

The evening was amazing and we are forever grateful for the donations given.  Building All Children’s work will continue and we will build all children…build all families…and build the Kingdom!

“Let us arise and build” so they strengthened their hands for the good work.          Nehemiah 2:18

Building All Children 501(c)(3)

Thank you Randy Yeats Photography