We kick off the week with Monday Math! The Cole Family is back with an AWESOME math activty to get you moving today! Both of these activities are from Susie Allison over at Busy Toddler! Check out her website busytoddler.com for so many fun hands-on activites!

What we love about both of these activities is the versatility. For Post It Math, Cooper did addition problems but this can be simplified to number identification (match the post it numbers to the numbers written on the butcher paper) or made harder with subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. You could even match shapes!!

Don’t have a deck of cards for Number Math Hunt? No problem! Draw stars, hearts, diamonds, or dots on pieces of paper and hide it in your sensory bin. Like Melissa said, you don’t have to have rice, any filler will do! What we love about this game is it helps children with number identification and matching.

What math activities are you doing today?