Today’s experiment is all about making rain! This is a fun experiment to do with both younger children and older children. With older children, this is a great experiment to introduce or practice the Scientific Method!

Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station has a great explanation of the Scientific Method and how to walk a child through this. You can find it here –

For this experiment you will need the following:
*Glass jar or cup
*Blue food coloring
*Shaving Cream

1) Fill the glass cup or jar 3/4 full of water
2) Add shaving cream to the top*. Not too much, remember, shaving cream expands when it comes out of the can.
3) Add a few drops of blue food coloring** to the top of the shaving cream.
4) Watch as gravity pulls the heavy rain (blue food coloring) out of the cloud (shaving cream) down into the air (water)!

Want to make a rainbow? Use different food colors!!

*Depending on how much shaving cream you use, it may take a few minutes for the blue food coloring to make its way down.
**The blue food coloring will stain your hands/clothes. You can dilute it with water before adding it to the cloud but it will affect the results.

We hope you enjoy this experiment as much as we did! Make sure to tag us so we can see your rain clouds!

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