Enjoy this quick video on play and the stages your child will go through to build strong play skills!

  1. Unoccupied Play: infants make random movements which are not triggered by a clear purpose or action. Kicking, jerking and even making noises.
  2. Solitary Play: Children tend to play alone. They will play with “toys” this could be any object they see to be fun.
  3. Onlooker Play: Children will enjoy watching other children playing. Watching other groups and may ask questions about the play.
  4. Parallel Play: Children play side-by-side almost imitating their peers. Not interacting with them but play next to them.
  5. Associative Play: Children begin to play “together” they are more likely to share similar goals and they may discuss the goals while playing together.
  6. Social/Cooperative Play: Children will begin to share ideas and toys and they will also follow and establish rules and guidelines. Children will play games such as tag or hide and seek.

Remember…Play. Play. Play.
Playing BUILDS Development!