Are you wondering…How can my child seem sad when I spent hours shopping for him, buying toys, wrapping his presents, baking with him, watching Christmas movies together, traveling to see family, and even counting down the days until Christmas.

The reality is that children look so forward to Christmas and when it is over… they have a true let down.  Talk them through it! Provide them with a few things to look forward to and continue to talk about Jesus!  We talk about the birth of Jesus but then once Christmas is over we don’t mention anything else about Him.  When does the Bible talk about Jesus again? Luke 2: 1-20 is about the birth of Jesus. But what is next for Jesus? Continue to read in the Bible. It talks about how Jesus is Presented in the Temple and read what Simeon says about Jesus! ( Luke 2:29-32)

Children need to know and understand that the way they are feeling is normal and it will pass.  It’s not that they aren’t grateful for their gifts, but it’s that they have waited and waited for their gifts, the excitement is gone, and talking through those emotions are important.  Most of the time if you can provide some special one-on-one time the children will pop back and be just fine. I don’t know about you…but sometimes I am sad that it is all over too!

Start preparing them for Christmas lights to come down, and decorations to be put away.  This is another ‘let down’ for children but it doesn’t need to be.  It just needs to be talked through…I had a friend share about her 5 year old son and how he has changed the numbers til Christmas everyday for the past 25 days.  She said when he got up the day after Christmas he went to the calendar and said “what is today?” they explained the day after Christmas. He said, yes, but I can’t add a day? She expressed it was almost as if he lost his purpose for a bit! This is a great example of having a “let down” after Christmas.

New Years Eve is a great way to set some family goals and discuss the exciting 2018 NEW Year!  It’s simple…just talk them through their emotions and give them a few things to look forward to…AND play with their new toys and games!

“And now, O Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in you.” Psalm 39:7