Yesterday, I was with some friends when my phone made that sounds…yep, it was that text sound.  I picked it up and quickly saw this picture of a child and the mom wrote…C lost his first tooth!  I was so excited for him.  I remember when all my children lost their first tooth.  IT IS A BIG DEAL!  I wrote back to mom and explained how excited I was for him…

Building All Children helped C’s family 2 years ago when our program first started.  He was a boy that needed help!  He was attending a Mother’s Day Out program for the first time and mom didn’t know that boys weren’t  supposed to be ‘that hyper all the time’.  The Mother’s Day Out program contacted Building All Children and asked for guidance.  We met with the family, completed classroom observations, developmental and academic assessments, and helped the family connect with appropriate resources.   We also spent hours with this family empowering them and helping them with life situations.  C has been receiving services and his mom reported yesterday that he is doing great in school this year.  Building All Children helped build C’s development and helped get him ready for school!  

I love that 2 years later the mom thought of us when her son lost his first tooth!

We ARE Building!  Assess.  Resource.  Empower.