The Name!
When we decided to be obedient and follow the lead of The Lord and start a child development ministry I had no idea the plans God would have. We spent months praying and discussing the name of the non-profit program.
The entire family was involved. I had the honor to be among a great group of women last Wednesday morning and I shared the heart of Building All Children. I also shared the process in developing the program. I explained that one day when I picked up my children from school my daughter was so excited; you could hear it in her voice. She said “mommy I came up with the name for the ministry.” She said “Kendra Care” of course, with a little giggle I explained to her that Kendra does care but I don’t want my personal name in the name of the ministry. I want it to be biblical and about God! So back to brainstorming we went.

I was studying Nehemiah and had a conversation with our youth pastor and he mentioned the book of Nehemiah so I even read deeper. As I was studying Nehemiah, I realized how upset he was when he found out the wall of Jerusalem had been torn down, and the gates had been destroyed by fire. The bible said he “wept” and mourned for days, praying to the God of heaven. Then, he asked God to give him favor and grant him success with the king. God gave him favor of the king and then Nehemiah decided with God’s favor to build the wall back. And they began the good work. With support and a team he built the wall back in 52 days.
fifty two
That’s it! We want to build ALL children up! We want to build families, and build, and rebuild children to know and understand Christ!

The total attendance at our workshop last Wednesday was 52 women! Love the power of the number…there are 52 weeks in a year…I can’t wait to see where this ministry will be next year after serving and developing this program.