We have had our house on the market for three weeks. We asked our children to pray and to be specific with their prayers. Over last weekend, my husband starting praying that our house would sell by Tuesday…Tuesday came and we didn’t have an offer. We had several showings and several families interested but not that perfect offer.

Our son became a Christian this year, March 30th, and we have seen him grow and grow in his faith and learning to trust Christ more and more each day. He started to pray and he asked the Lord for someone to bring in an offer by Friday and he was pretty confident in his prayers. He kept telling us “that is why I trusted my life to Jesus…because I believe in Him.” I have to be honest, a few times I prayed to the Lord and asked him to answer my son’s prayers, not for the house but so this 9 year old boy would get to see the power of God and know that He is real.

Well…Friday came and we waited for an offer. That night as we were putting our son to bed I explained that it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t answer prayers, it just means that we need to stay Faithful and keep praying. Our son looked up at me and said “mom, the night isn’t over.” When he said his prayers that night he specifically asked the Lord to bring us an offer on our house at 11:59. I smiled and gave him a kiss. He asked his daddy if he could stay up so he could see the offer. We explained that if we got an offer then we would wake him up. He smiled and said, “okay”.

After we put all the kids to bed, we sat down and both our phones received a text. Yep, it was our Realtor explaining that we are going to receive an offer tonight. We couldn’t believe it…we went and woke our son up and read the text to him. Smiling from ear to ear he said “I knew it.” I whispered to God and thanked him…

We went to bed with grateful hearts…grateful that our house sold but most importantly thankful that our son got to see a small glimpse of the Power of the Lord and how he answers the prayers of his children. When we woke up we looked at the offer and we noticed the time stamp on the electronic fax was 11:59 PM!!! Wow! Just as our son had prayed; our hearts have been full of praise. Pray specific…why? Because He answers prayers!!!

In Matthew it says…Jesus said. “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Childlike Faith…Children Believe…they have true Faith. Faith that is pure. I learned a lot from our son and I am thankful that he believes!  Believes in a God that is real!  A God that answers prayers!