We had a great time at our Easter Clinic.  Building All Children provided activities for children, items that can be purchased for their Easter baskets, and we also encouraged moms on what scripture says about Building their homes!


Scissors can be challenging for many children.  These fun Easter egg scissors are a safe way to learn the “open-and-close” pattern for cutting.

Great way to help make the ‘Kids Table’ fun is to add Peeps to paper straws….

We love white eggs…we encouraged the mamas to let their children color these white eggs with markers.  They can keep them for years and they will always have decorations with their children’s masterpieces. 🙂

Dying Easter Eggs is always a mess…but the children love it and it provides great traditions and learning experiences.   We shared creative ways to design and great tips for making decorative eggs.  One tip: if you allow your children to use whisks then their little fingers stay clean…you just put the egg in the whisk and the children dip the whisk in the dye.

We shared several ideas for fun things to add to the children’s Easter Basket that will help them build their developmental skills while having lots of fun!


The Easter Egg Pan was a hit!  We took an old pizza pan and hot glued magnets inside the eggs.  This allowed the eggs to stick to the pan.  We created different ways that children could be challenged to learn.  Another easy but fun way for children to grow and develop!

We also shared some of our recommendations and some easy home activities that families can do with their children.
Proverbs 14:1 says “A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.”  Building All Children gave away these awesome gifts so that moms can have scripture in their homes reminding them to ‘BUILD’!

We also discussed how we fill our lives up with things that are not important and it makes our schedules so busy that we can’t focus on the important things.  This allowed us to discuss what is important and how we make Christ, our marriage, children, family, church, friends, and our hearts to serve and love others our priority!

 Nehemiah said…”let us arise and build”  Building All Children desires to build children, build families, and build the Kingdom!