Development Talks


Stages of Play

Enjoy this quick video on play and the stages your child will go through to build strong play skills!

  1. Unoccupied Play: infants make random movements which are not triggered by a clear purpose or action. Kicking, jerking and even making noises.
  2. Solitary Play: Children tend to play alone. They will play with “toys” this could be any object they see to be fun.
  3. Onlooker Play: Children will enjoy watching other children playing. Watching other groups and may ask questions about the play.
  4. Parallel Play: Children play side-by-side almost imitating their peers. Not interacting with them but play next to them.
  5. Associative Play: Children begin to play “together” they are more likely to share similar goals and they may discuss the goals while playing together.
  6. Social/Cooperative Play: Children will begin to share ideas and toys and they will also follow and establish rules and guidelines. Children will play games such as tag or hide and seek.

Remember…Play. Play. Play.
Playing BUILDS Development!

Sensory Integration

Good afternoon with BAC. I’m excited to go live today and visit about your children and their senses! Yes! All of their senses!

I will explain what sensory integration is, how your child takes in the information, and what some tools are that you can use to help.

Risky Play

Have you ever heard of Risky Play?

Not many people have but it is an important part of play! Ellen Sandseter defines Risky Play as “challenging and adventerous physical activity”
There are several different categories of Risky Play (see picture in comments).

One of the most important benefits of Risky Play is learning boundaries!

Do you allow your children to engage in Risky Play? What does this look like in your home?

Praying for Your Child


I’m excited to share with you the most important thing you can do for your child…PRAY!
How do you pray for them?
Why is it important to pray for them?
Should we really be praying for them?
Here are a few easy tips on how to develop a solid prayer life for your children!

Link to Praying Daily for Your Child pdf

Let us know if you want a book that is in this video. We are here if you have any questions!