In May, 2014 I received a referral to help a little boy with anxiety.  I thought it was going to be just a simple case, but little did I know that my heart would be heavy, and God would put this mom in my thoughts often.

This particular case the mom completed a developmental screening and documented that she has concerns with her son.  So I called mom and followed up with her about these concerns.  She had some concerns about anxiety and wanted a referral to help her son with this issue.  I quickly started asking questions to get a better understanding of the situation.

I could tell there was more to the story, so I asked mom, “How is your marriage?”  She responded in a quiet voice…”Well, I’m in the middle of a divorce.”  I quickly responded,  “Oh, I am so sorry!  Is there any hope…maybe?”  She replied, “No,” explaining that the divorce was actually a nasty one and she just wanted it to end!  Again, I told her I was sorry, but I just knew there was more.  So asked…”What else?”  She replied, “What do you mean?”  I quickly replied and said I just feel that there is more.  “Anything I can pray for?” I asked.  SILENCE….She finally said, “I have breast cancer!”  Again, I replied, “Oh, I am so sorry!  Do you have support?”  “Yes, I belong to a church,” she said.  “Oh good,” I replied.  “What about family?  Do you have family support?” I asked.  “Kinda, she replied.  “I’m taking care of my dad.  His health is bad, and my mom is no longer with us.”  I responded, “Goodness, you have a lot going on!”

So, I was able to help her with the concerns about her son’s anxiety.  I gave her the appropriate connections for her son to receive help. But little did I know that God was going to put her in my thoughts daily…I prayed… and prayed!  I messaged her often, checking in with her… even keeping up with the days she had chemo.

In January, 2015 I received at text from the mom, reporting that she’d had her surgery, and she is cancer free.  Praise the Lord!  I have never met this mom, but I have prayed, encouraged, and loved on her during this journey!  Since receiving her great news, I invited mom to lunch…hoping to put a face with her voice.   I want to meet this precious woman who has fought a huge battle…and won!  In situations like this, when I come across women and families who have been dealt very difficult situations, I am SO THANKFUL for a God who provides HOPE!  And I’m thankful for a God who has called me to help, love, and serve His people!

Cancer BAC