Meet Our Team


Lauren Bryan

Playgroup Team

Lauren was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.  After graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in sociology (emphasis in social work) and marrying her high school sweetheart, Eric, she settled back in Dallas and worked with inner-city adolescents. 

Lauren moved to Tulsa in 2006 and soon after joined the ABC Preschool team, where she enjoys both teaching the children and supporting the parents.  Lauren loves being creative with crafts, music, and photography and has recently started gardening.  She is not afraid to make a mess or to be silly with little ones. If they can learn something at the same time, then it fills her with happiness.  Her greatest pleasure has been sharing the Good News of the Gospel with children both at work and while volunteering at her church. 

Lauren and Eric are blessed to have four amazing and individually unique young adult children.  She enjoyed supporting each of them while they were in private, public and homeschooling settings and participating in a wide variety of activities.  After years of struggling, one of her children was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.  Lauren understands the desire to help your child in need amid the reality of sometimes getting lost in the system of services.  She is thrilled to be working for an organization that seeks to serve children and families with God’s love and grace.