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In 2014, when Building All Children began, my vision was to BUILD a program that would benefit all children regardless of income or ability, by Assessing, Resourcing and Empowering them to reach their full developmental and learning potential. I knew that Tulsa needed a program that would help BUILD children and their families! As our program continues to grow each year our circle of support and encouragement has grown abundantly, and we are excited to see how the Lord continues BUILDING our program throughout the Tulsa Metro area.

As you may know, we are moving into a brand-new Development Center, created by Asbury United Methodist Church. We couldn’t be more excited about the growth and development of children and families we expect to serve within its walls. We will soon increase our impact by increasing our physical space and we need your help to fulfill our vision.

I am so proud of our team and the work we have accomplished. As we draw near to our moving date, we are increasingly aware of our need for the community’s support through prayer, wisdom, and financial partnerships. We would be honored to have you join and support us as we approach a new phase of building, both physically and developmentally.

We are always better building together, and we look forward to connecting with you as we continue to BUILD all children and families!

Kendra Morgan
Kendra Morgan
BAC Founder and
Certified Child and Parenting Specialist

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What We Need. And How You Can Help.

Thanks to the vision and generosity of Asbury United Methodist Church, we have an incredible space being prepared for us that will give BAC the room we need to help even more families! Asbury is providing the building … it’s up to us to finish it out and furnish it.

We’re asking you to help us by sponsoring a room!

We’ve selected everything we need to operate effectively and efficiently. Now, we need your generosity to make this dream a reality.

1. Choose a room.
2. Make a Commitment.
3. Change lives!

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  • Bright Future Fundraising Goal

Raised: $322,100

Goal: $350,000

More Space, More Resources, More Lives Changed.

Team Shared Office Space


At BAC, it is important that each staff member feels comfortable, welcomed, and empowered to do their job well! This new open-concept office space will allow us to better serve our families by letting us more easily work together on each case and discuss the best option for each family. A new large training and planning table will help foster a sense of team and also be used for our fundraising, teacher workshops, and events that we hold for the community.

Large Resource and Work Area

resource room - large

The large resource and work area is one of the most exciting rooms for the BAC team! We currently have a resource room that is too small and lacks adequate storage. Our new room will not only house all our playgroup supplies, but will also allow our 100+ volunteers a place to set up, work hard, and get prepared for our next playgroup, event, or even our individual BUILDing programs designed for each child and family! This space is one of the MOST needed spaces and allows us to do extraordinary things. We will have space to create, design, and use our talents to continue building a strong program!

Team Rooms (Huddle Rooms)

assessment room

Team rooms (also called “huddle rooms”) are needed so that as we make those tough phone calls, we can make them confidentiality. Some cases require us to reach out to local counselors, local therapists, different school districts, churches, Pastors, and even DHS. These phone calls and meetings need to be done behind closed doors and with sensitivity.

Supply And Resource Room

resource room

Our staff is excited to have a space where they can take a break, eat lunch, and regroup before the next family needing services arrives. This room will also be used to store the family supplies that we give out during our family conferences. We have many items that we use to educate the families with, and we provide supplies, tools, and equipment that they take home and use to build development. We help with writing skills, using scissors for cutting, working on emotions, and behaviors. We also provide tools for anxiety and academic performances. All the items that we hand out are age-appropriate and the families receive training on how to use them.

Small Assessment Waiting Area

waiting area

This area is designed to provide families a comfortable space to wait in while their children receive the Building All Children academic and developmental assessments. Once the family is called back, they will enter the Family Conference area but, while waiting, this area is very important for helping the child and family to feel comfortable.

Family Conference Rooms

conference room

The family conference rooms are where we meet with families to discuss their child’s assessments. We provide a 7–10-page report with the findings from the battery of assessments—along with Kleenex as it can be an emotional meeting. This is our time to help the families better understand their child, how they learn, what their child’s strengths are, and what areas need improvement. Our goal is to make each family feel that they are the only ones being served, and we desire for our families to feel supported and encouraged by bringing hope to tough situations! This hope is based on relationships and providing the support needed. The family conference room is also used for staff who are meeting with churches, schools, and childcare programs that are serving the child we are working with. We focus on the child’s entire environment and help build his/her world for success. The family conference room is also where we discuss the child’s rescreens that we complete every six months. The rescreens allow us to monitor the child’s development and improvements, and to continue to build the child and family!

Large Waiting Area

waiting area

Making our first impression, we want the large waiting room to help families feel welcomed and at peace. This room will also be used for our Moms and Mentoring program, where we help small groups of women that need support, encouragement, and parental guidance. Here, mentors will pour into the moms, so they feel equipped to build their children, family, and home!

Small Reading Room

reading room

The smaller reading room is designed for our Reading Specialist to provide one-on-one tutoring in an environment with other children. Some children not only need help learning the skills of reading, but they also need a learning environment that will allow them to grasp the basic concepts of reading and the ability to function with a little noise and movement.

Director’s Office

directors office

The Director’s office is a much-needed base for business administration and other duties. In addition to her role as Director, Kendra is also certified in Biblical Counseling. As a Biblical Counselor, she works one-on-one with women to help build their relationship with God, and equip them to build their home. Her office is an ideal space for these types of confidential counseling sessions.

Tutoring Room/Quiet Room

reading room

BAC has some children that need a quiet environment with little to no distractions. We will have three, much needed, tutoring rooms that will help our children learn the skills of reading in a quiet environment. These tutoring rooms have windows so the family can observe if needed. These rooms can also be a place where the Reading Specialists meet with our Building Readers families to discuss progress and future goals.

Large Reading Room

large reading room

This room will allow us to provide both one-on-one tutoring sessions and weekly story-time with a large group of children and families. Our desire is for members of the Tulsa community to sign up as a “Reader” and come share a little bit about their job and read to the children. This will allow us to help build successful readers and encourage the families to read the “just right” reading books. The large wall of white cubbies will hold our age-appropriate equipment for the families to check out so they can build development in their own home. Allowing them to check-out and return will give us opportunities to continue to serve and help them.

Assessment Rooms

assessment room

The assessment process is what sets our program apart from other programs and allows us to provide the right resources to our families. Our assessment rooms will be a quiet place where children can feel safe and complete their developmental and academic assessments (conducted by a Master Level Child Development Specialist). Our unique assessment process shows how they are developing and how they were created, giving a clear picture of the child’s strengths and weaknesses. The assessment room will have a one-way mirror so the family can be on the other side in the Family Conference room observing the assessments. Every child receives a 6-month rescreen so that we can monitor the child’s development and make sure we are seeing improvements.

Coffee Station for Families

directors office

We want each family to feel comfortable, at ease, and have the sense that they are being served. This area will have coffee and drinks for our families as they walk through to the assessment area. Our hope is that they will relax and trust us, and that we can build a relationship with them by helping their child and family!

Sensory Room, Small Play Area

sensory room

We have created a sensory play area for our children who can’t handle loud noises and need a quiet and much smaller area in which to build development. This area has been created by our Child Development Specialist and includes unique lighting, soft music, sand, textures, and a calming flow that will allow our children to relax and learn.

Tiny Town Play Area

tiny town

Building All Children is super excited about our Tiny Town! We created and designed this area because we feel it is an area that most children are falling behind in. Tiny Town will allow the children to step into a “play world” where they will be coached and guided on the basic social skills of life. These basic skills include sharing, taking turns, waiting, riding, talking, communicating, pretend playing, writing, learning emotions, and the rules of life that allow each child to have success. Tiny Town is broken up into different play stations: a Bakery; Church; Hardware Store; Post Office; Veterinarian; Grocery Store; and a Gas Station. There is a road in Tiny Town for children to ride bikes on, and there is a grassy area for a blanket and pretend picnic as well. The goal is for children to learn social and emotional skills that are age-appropriate and to learn to build the adaptive skills that allow them to function in the world we live in.

Explore Tiny Town

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  • Bright Future Fundraising Goal

Raised: $322,100

Goal: $350,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is BAC raising money?

A: BAC has outgrown our current space. In order to serve more families, we need more room and more resources. Asbury United Methodist Church has generously provided a building with space for several non-profit organizations, including ours. We are raising money to finish out and furnish our portion of that space. 

Q: How much is BAC hoping to raise during this capital campaign?

A: Our total goal is to raise $350,000 to provide signage, furnishings, supplies, and more to make our space family ready!

Q: How can I contribute to the BAC capital campaign?

A: We are asking organizations, companies, and individuals to sponsor a room or area. These opportunities range from $40,650 to just over $2,600. There is also a need for funding of our exterior signage. If you would like to explore a different way to support our capital campaign, we would be happy to discuss it! 

Q: Does the move change BAC’s area of service?

A: No! We believe every child needs developmental resources and every family needs support. Everyone qualifies. Regardless of the child’s level of disability. Regardless of the family’s financial situation. And regardless of where in the community they live. 

Q: Is BAC a for-profit organization?

A: No. Building All Children, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to assess, resource, and empower children and their families to build each child’s development and individual learning style. 

Q: Can I trust BAC with my money?

A: Absolutely! BAC takes our responsibility of being good stewards with the funds entrusted to us very seriously. We have earned the 2021 Platinum Seal of Transparency from Guidestar. Learn more about our impact at

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