I had the privilege to be a part of The Little Light House Resource Fair in Tulsa, OK.   I am so impressed with this organization.  They have a special way of loving and supporting families. The Little Light House is celebrating 40 years of hope for children with special needs.  On October 3, 1972, the Little Light House opened their door to five children with special needs in their small white frame house.  Forty years later, the Little Light House is now referred to as an international model with BIG plans to expand their facility and serve more children with special needs.

Last Thursday night as we were setting up our booth and watching other community resources coming through the doors with give-a-ways, posters, brochures, and banners I actually thought to myself…”I don’t have give-a-ways, what do I have to offer?”

But then I received a text of support that said “Your obedient to what God wants you to do. That is all that matters.” So what has God called me to do?  He has called me to help, love, and support families!  Sure, education, assessments, and community resources are important for families.  But, what they really need is support!  Families need HOPE!

It’s not what I have to offer…it is what God has to offer! Hope!

During the Little Light House Resource Fair I was able to visit and connect with several families.  I offered God’s love and support to their families!  We had moms walk through with questions and show interest in our child development ministry.  We had a young family stop by explaining that their child is on the waiting list for The Little Light House and we talked about their little boy and his diagnoses and how their family is handling his diagnoses.  We also had a mom asking for help.  She is a single mom of child with Down syndrome and she needs a stroller.  Building All Children is helping this mom get a stroller!!!  HELPING OTHERS… This ministry is about listening to the needs of families and helping them in practical ways.  It is also about extending God’s love to these families that will provide hope that never fades.

I’m thankful for our volunteers that helped us create and design our posters. I also loved the volunteers that stood with me to help share this ministry.



Thankful for a city that has wonderful resources for families.  Knowing God’s plan for this ministry… it is all about Him and serving His people!

“Let us arise and build.” So they put their hands to the good work. ~Nehemiah 2:18

Grateful to put my hands to the good work and do His will!