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Tiny Town is created to serve Tulsa families and assist children ages 3-8 and their families in navigating and responding appropriately in real-life situations, such as ordering at a restaurant.

Children, along with a parent or guardian, enter a world of pretend. Playing together and taking care of animals, shopping for groceries, fixing cars, worshiping in church, and much more while creating fun memories.

Tiny Town is a one-hour social playgroup or field trip. We are located inside Building All Children at 6910 S. 101st East Ave., Tulsa OK. See below for upcoming Tiny Town sessions. For additional field trip information, please email tinytown@buildingallchildren.org.

We hope you and your child will visit us at Tiny Town.

Tiny Town Playgroup Registration:

Click on the date below to register for a Tiny-Town Social Playgroup.

Henry’s Hardware Store

At Henry’s Hardware Store, you and your child will role play and welcome customers into the store, help them find what they need and develop cognitive skills by build with foam bricks and blocks.

BUILD Church

Praise Jesus in BUILD Church by singing Jesus Loves Me, playing the piano, sequencing Bible stories on the felt board and reading the Bible. Help your child develop their communication skills by giving a sermon from the pulpit.

Anna’s Animal Hospital

All God’s creatures, great and small can be examined, fed, and groomed at Anna’s Animal Hospital. Grab a Vet coat and help keep them healthy. Taking care of something can create empathy within our children.

DX Service Station

Did the car break down? Thinking and problem solving skills are developed when trying solve a problem such as fixing the car. Take it to DX Service Station and let your little one repair it and fill it up with gas.  You may want to drive to Dexter’s afterwards for lunch! 

Dexter’s Diner

It’s lunch time! At Dexter’s Diner you and your child can take turns working through the different steps involved in going to a restaurant: ordering lunch, cooking the food, having a dinner time conversation and cleaning up. Don’t forget the Drive Thru orders!

Gus’ Grocery Market

Gus’ Grocery allows your child to explore adult roles and practice social skills. Together you can shop for and purchase groceries, pretend to pay and say thank you. As the employee, it’s time to assist the customer, sell the groceries, and organize the merchandise.

Izzy’s Ice Cream Truck

Everyone loves an Ice Cream Truck! Develop conversation skills as you and your child take orders and sell and buy ice cream. Watch out for the children when pretending to drive the ice cream truck through Tiny Town.

Tiny Town Mailman will deliver and collect mail at each of the businesses while Tiny Town Janitorial Services is amazing at keeping our town clean. 

Sponsor a Playgroup

If you or your business would like to financially sponsor a Tiny Town Playgroup, we would advertise the sponsorship on social media and event announcements. Please contact Kendra@buildingallchildren.org to choose a playgroup month you would like to sponsor.