Welcome to Wacky Wednesday-Math Edition! Today we bring you a fun cooking experiement! Cooking is defineitly all science and includes a lot of math! What do you think will happen when you mix the eggs with the cake mix? How does heat make the cake rise? Those are all science questions! Plus we mix in sequential order, measuring, and fractions!

If you have never baked with your child before, we encourage you to do so! As Kristen talks about in her video, it is completley up to the child, and their interest in baking, on what age they should become helpers in the kitchen. Some 2 year olds are able to pour. If you crack your eggs in a small bowl, or premeasure ingrediants, your 2 year old can pour it into the mixing bowl. 3 years and older are able to mix/stir and your early readers can practice their reading skills by reading the instructions to you.

Of course all of this wonderful baking has to be SUPERVISED by an adult!

What kind of experiments are you making this week?