What do you do with your children when it’s this hot outside?  Something inside…right?!?

You play inside with colored rice!!!!

How to dye rice and let your children dump, pour, and be creative!!!  They will LOVE this sensory activity and it’s super easy to make!   I was at a childcare center earlier this week and the teacher was having the class dye rice.  The children were very interested in this activity.  I joined them and had the opportunity to experience some great language, and fun experimental activities.


What you will need to make colored rice:

  • Inexpensive white rice (1 cup for each color)
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (1/2 tsp for each color)
  • Food coloring (about 15-20 drops) Have your sweet kiddos count with you!
  • Plastic container with lid(coffee container, ziplock food storage container etc.) The picture shows a glass container but I would use plastic.
  • Something to dry your rice on (styrofoam meat trays, plastic plate, baking sheet)

How to dye rice:

1. Pour 1 cup of rice into coffee can or plastic container

2. Add food coloring

3. Add rubbing Alcohol

4. Place lid on the container and let your child SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE it up!!!!

5. Lay the rice out to dry

6. Mix all the fun colors together and let them PLAY!!!!!

Super easy right?!?


Love this picture…their little hands are just waiting to dive into the colored rice and have fun!


After it’s all dry mix the colors together and let them explore!  These sweet children couldn’t wait for it to dry so they started playing with it before the teacher mixed it all together.