The BIBLE! It’s the most important book and I pray that my children will read the bible, know the bible, understand the bible, and when they teach the bible, people will be drawn to their teaching.

We bought the action bible for my son and he loves it!

My family has enjoyed reading the Jesus Storybook Bible. I love the way it is written!

Great Book for new moms! How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life

Understanding children’s overall development from 4-14

Every teacher should read this book! Power of Our Words

Do you have a shy child? I sure do…I really enjoyed this book. It helped me understand and how to help her warm up, open up, and join in the fun! The Shyness Breakthrough

When my babies were little I loved anything Dr. Brazelton offered. He has several easy to read book. Please remember that there is not a book out there that is perfect. I believe you have to take something from each book and make it fit your family.
Toilet Training
He also has a book on feeding you child. I haven’t read it……

Touchpoints is a great book for new moms and dads!

This book really helped me stay positive as a new mom! I loved how it was full of scripture and brought biblical knowledge to everyday life! Power of a Positive Mom

My husband and I are huge Joe White fans! We love what he has to say and his passion for children is unbelievable! We had the honor to listen to him speak to a group of parents and we learned so much! He helped us understand technology and the danger behind it. This book is for parents with  older children but trust me…they grow fast!
Pure Excitement: A Radical Righteous Approach to Sex, Love, and Dating

Leading Kids to Jesus is a good book with practical advice! I read it a few years ago and still use some of the wording they recommend.

Every woman should read Captivating! I have actually read it several times.

If you have a child that worry’s too much…this is a great interaction book that you can complete together. It’s a guide to help your child overcome their anxiety.
What To Do When You Worry Too Much


The Big Messy Art Book

Hands Around the World: 365 Creative Ways to Build Cultural Awareness & Global Respect

***Please note that these books are just a suggestion from Building All Children***

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