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Top Toys for Christmas 2017

Building All Children Presents

Top Toy list for Christmas 2017





Activities and Games for Children 3 and Older

PlasmaCar – Ride on toy

National Geographic Gem Dig-Up

Make Your Own Mini Erasers

Animal Sewing Kit

Make Your Own Chocolate

Crazy Letters Word Game

PicWits! Board Game

Educational Insights – Kanoodle


SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body

Human Anatomy Magnetic Play Set

Toilet Trouble Game

Imaginary Play

Wood Family Dollhouse

Doctor Play Set

Building and Creating

Pattern Play

Build Your Own Photo Snow globe

Start-Up Circuits

Snap Circuits

Magnetic Building Set

Imagination Magnets

Activities for Children 2 and Under


Bath Crayons

Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

Why is symbolic play important?

Symbolic play is so important in a child’s development. As a child shifts from infancy to early childhood, their mental development begins to change through what we know as pretend play. Children at this point begin to treat one thing as if it were another. For example, in this picture this child is pretending to feed her baby by using a marker, but in her mind it is a bottle. Children will often use a block as a phone and, yesterday in our office, a little girl was using a spoon from the play kitchen as a pencil. Children begin to give names and character traits to inanimate objects and make up environments to accommodate the world they are forming through their imagination.

Children live by example so often times they tend to model what they see in their environment whether that be through parents, siblings, peers and/or the media. Children have a tendency to act out actions they see others do. For example, children will pretend to talk on the phone and they will walk around while they are talking. Or, they will often pretend to build by using the play tools the way they see their parents use the tools. We even had a little girl that was building right beside her brother and they both were using the tools and using symbolic play with the tools. It is important to understand how important pretend play is in children, and how they need time to have unstructured play so their imagination leads the play.  Imagination play allows the child to build their language skills, independence skills, social skills and their cognitive skills.

Coffee and Table Time

Please join us Saturday, July 29th at 10am. We will discuss technology and young children.   Come learn what the latest research shows, how to protect your child, and other options you can encourage that will build their development!    We can’t wait to see you at Midtown!  

Please register here (only 40 seats available):

Tulsa Drillers & Building All Children

Building All Children is EXCITED and HONORED to be recognized by THE TULSA DRILLERS as the Nonprofit Organization of the evening during the Drillers game Saturday, June 3rd at 7:05pm. We’ll have an activity and information booth to show the community how we can help BUILD children throughout Green Country. Please share this exciting opportunity, and bring your friends & families out to the ballpark to help us spread the good news! Play ball!